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Create A Custody And Support Plan That Works For You And Your Child

For obvious reasons, divorce is significantly more complex for couples with children. In fact, the creation of child custody and child support arrangements is arguably the most important negotiation of your divorce. For that reason, it’s in your best interest to approach this discussion with an experienced family law attorney at your side.

At the Law offices of Mari Garza and Lynn Peach, PLLC, we are committed to helping you maintain a relationship with your child and creating custody and support plans that will help your son or daughter enjoy a happy and healthy childhood while also reflecting your needs and interests as much as possible.

Support Your Child Without Being Taken Advantage Of

The child custody arrangement you settle on can affect your child support plan — for example, if one parent is primarily responsible for raising your child, the other may be compelled to contribute more to the child’s well-being financially. If you are a parent seeking to receive child support, we will push for a generous support arrangement to provide your child’s needs. If you are a parent being asked to pay child support, we can work to make sure that you are not bearing an unfairly high financial burden.

In addition to the original establishment of your child custody and child support plans, we can help initiate enforcement measures when a parent who owes child support does not honor the agreement you previously settled on. Furthermore, we can help you make modifications to your custody and support plans as your child’s needs and each parent’s lives change over time.

Get Experienced Family Law Guidance

Your child deserves a sustainable environment in which to grow up, and part of that means establishing sustainable custody and support plans that allow each parent to maintain a connection to your child.

To learn more about our family law services, call Law offices of Mari Garza and Lynn Peach, PLLC, at 512-591-0696 and schedule a free, 30-minute consultation with one of our lawyers. You can also email us.

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