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Assert Your Financial Interests When Dividing Property

One of the thornier logistical aspects of divorce is the need to divide property between spouses who have shared assets and finances for years. By working with experienced lawyers, you can ensure that you end up with your fair share of the marital property, even in situations where an asset’s value is not easily known or situations where an asset cannot be easily divided.

Unlike most states, Texas is a “community property” state. That means that all marital property jointly owned by a married couple is presumed under the law to be owned 50-50 between both spouses. In the event of a divorce, this becomes a guiding principle in the process of property division. (Other states consider a variety of factors such as relative income in order to achieve “equitable distribution.”)

At the Law offices of Mari Garza and Lynn Peach, PLLC, we will stand up for your property rights and work to ensure that you land on solid financial footing at the conclusion of your divorce.

Accurately Assess Your Property’s Value, And Fairly Divide It

We will assist you with every aspect of property division, from accurate property valuation, including business valuations for couples who co-own a small business. In our combined 25 years of experience, we have worked with an economically diverse range of clients, including middle-class individuals and high net worth individuals.

When a mutually satisfactory agreement cannot be reached through negotiation or litigation, we also offer mediation services to help resolve various aspects of contested divorces.

Don’t Let Your Divorce Unduly Hurt Your Financial Life

At the Law offices of Mari Garza and Lynn Peach, PLLC, we will help you navigate the divorce process from start to finish, from property division to child custody and child support. To learn more in a free, 30-minute consultation with one of our attorneys, just call 512-591-0696 or contact us by email.

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